Is having your confidential files destroyed tomorrow quick enough? FileShred offers next day shredding services Monday through Saturday to both businesses and residents of Suffield CT. You can have your paper records destroyed on the date that is best for you.


FileShred makes professional information destruction easy because we come to your Suffield home or office with one of our mobile shredding trucks and all of your files are securely destroyed at your location. We do all the work. You just tell us what documents need to be shredded and we do the rest.


FileShred charges a straightforward rate per security container we supply with no surprise charges. You just pay for the number of containers we shred at the rate you were quoted. Our very affordable rates apply to both business and residential customers that have a one- time shredding need or an ongoing document destruction need.

How To Start Shredding

It takes just a phone call and our customer service team and we will help you through the whole process from your first call to the complete shredding of your documents. We will help you determine which service is right for you, give you an affordable quote based on the onsite service you choose and then set your appointment for the date that works best for your schedule. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience, the FileShred team are certain to find a solution to your particular situation, whether you are looking to destroy one box, a large quantity of files or wish to utilize our ongoing scheduled service to destroy private documents on a regular basis.

FileShred vs Personal Shredders

It will take you days to destroy documents with a personal or an in-house shredder compared to what FileShred can destroy in minutes with our powerful trucks. Personal shredders also get jammed and create a lot of heat that may be a hazard. Our document destruction service is actually cheaper when you think of what you pay an employee to sit there and feed the shredder compared to more productive and revenue producing things they could be doing for your business.

Shredding Options for Your Office

One-time Shredding –  All companies will need shredding services.  Some will not need it often.  For those firms, we offer our one-time service that allows our professional services to be ordered only when they need it.  It could be just once or any occasional time frame.  We are available anytime you need us.

Scheduled Shredding – The need for a company to dispose of business records often can be easily taken care of with our ongoing scheduled document destruction service.  We outfit your office with our security containers so your staff has a secure place to dispose of papers.  Those company files will remain secure until that are destroyed.  We will come to your office on a recurring schedule to empty and destroy the contents of each container.  We offer weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly schedules.

Residential Shredding Tomorrow

We all have personal files at home that we don’t need.  When you decide that it is finally time to get rid of them it needs to be done in a way that ensures that your personal information will not become available to identity thieves that means shredding.  With our residential shredding service, we will come to your home and destroy your old private files onsite and you will be able to see the complete destruction of your papers as it happens.  It is the most secure and reliable way for you to be certain your information is gone for good.  Our at-home service is available Monday through Saturday.

Why Choose FileShred?

Here at FileShred, we deliver a wide range of secure paper shredding services to residents and businesses throughout the Suffield CT area. But why should you choose us as a solution for your shredding needs?

Our document shredding services are flexible and secure to meet the individual needs of each customer. Whether you are choosing our one-time or reoccurring scheduled service you will be happy with our exceptional service. We have a fleet of the most advanced trucks in the industry. Our trucks are equipped with industrial shredders that can destroy up to 6,000 pounds of paper per hour. There is no other process that is faster and more secure than onsite shredding with FileShred.

We hope that you will choose FileShred for your document shredding needs.