Residential Shredding

Residential Shredding ServicesServing Homeowners throughout the Hartford, Connecticut Area with the best home shredding service

Is your home shredder always getting jammed? Does it take you hours to shred all of your private documents and mail? There’s a better way: home shredding services with FileShred. We proudly offer fast, convenient, and secure mobile shredding services to residential customers across the Hartford, CT area.

We make it easy for you to shred your sensitive documents, with a powerful FileShred mobile shredding truck coming to your home for immediate on-site shredding. Our expertise and our powerful shredding equipment can turn hours of home shredding into mere minutes, and you don’t have to remove those pesky paper clips, staples, rubber bands, or binder clips. You can even watch us shred your documents as it happens! Your documents will never leave your property before they are securely destroyed.

The Mobile Shredding Process

We make the home shredding process easy for our residential document destruction customers in Hartford. Here’s how it works, step by step:

  1. Call us for a free consultation and estimate
  2. Gather your documents together into any container
  3. Schedule an appointment any time, Monday through Saturday
  4. Meet our friendly, uniformed driver at your home
  5. Witness your documents being destroyed

If you’ve been thinking about using a home shredding service, you’ve likely seen ads for off-site or drop-off location shredding services. These may seem like attractive options at first, but consider your security. If someone takes your sensitive documents away from your home, how can you be certain they’re actually being destroyed? What if that truck is involved in an accident and your personal information is scattered around for everyone to see? With drop-off shredding services, your documents may sit for weeks before shredding, and you’ll never know who had access to them or when they are shredded. There’s one clear choice for ease-of-use and security: at-home mobile shredding services from FileShred.