Scheduled Shredding

Document Destruction ServiceRegularly-Scheduled Shredding Programs in Hartford, CT

If you have a business that routinely collects customer, client, patient, or staff records, you know how important it can be to ensure that they’re disposed of the right way. Not doing so isn’t just risky, but it means that you might be breaking privacy laws. Keep your sensitive information safe from the threat of identity theft with scheduled shredding options from FileShred. We’re your trusted provider of ongoing document disposal services.

When your Hartford-area document destruction service needs are recurring and ongoing, you have an ideal partner in FileShred. We offer scheduled shredding services to businesses and organizations throughout our region. Our team provides reliable, secure on-site document destruction as often as you need, whether you’re shredding with us daily or quarterly. Our friendly team of experts is here to support you, answer your questions, and ensure all of your needs are being met every time.

Scheduled Shredding: How it Works

All you need to get started with a scheduled document destruction program are two things: our secure shredding containers and a custom tailored shredding schedule. We’ll start by consulting with you closely to assess your needs, and then we’ll provide you with free shredding containers that best accommodate your unique requirements. Our secure containers are available in various types and sizes to suit any office environment and volume requirements. That means that no matter if you’re only collecting a few pages a day or thousands, our container options ensure that they’re kept safe. Our containers are designed so that only the person who holds the key can access their contents. This is a better option to paper shredding in that if you or your team accidentally throw away an important document, you can still retrieve it. When you put something into a shredder, on the other hand, it’s gone for good.

white and ivory colored document shredding waste storage binsNext, our expert staff will help you determine a document destruction schedule that best serves your shredding needs. We offer a wide range of flexible options for your schedule based on your unique needs from occasional to very frequently. We have customers with schedules ranging from daily to weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, and beyond. Your schedule can be adjusted any time if your needs change, and we’ll never lock you into any kind of restrictive contract. Our services are also available on demand, meaning you can simply call us whenever your shredding containers are full, and we’ll be there within one day.

What Does Scheduled Shredding Cost?

Our FileShred secure shredding containers are provided to you completely free of charge, so you’ll only pay for your document destruction each time we come to your location to shred. The cost of your shredding service is based on the number of shredding containers you fill and the frequency of the service—not weight—and we never hit you with any hidden fees or unexpected extra costs. Our expert team members will provide you with a detailed quote once we’ve determined which containers you’ll use and how often we’ll be scheduled to shred at your site.

With highly-flexible scheduling, Monday through Saturday, and the easiest process around, FileShred is your source for simple, secure document destruction programs that will meet your unique shredding needs and give you one less thing to worry about.