We Come To You

FileShred is an On-site Shredding Service. That means one of our paper shredding trucks will come to your Longmeadow home or office to shred your documents. Onsite document shredding is the most convenient and secure way to destroy your personal and business documents because it is completed right in front of you. Your documents are completely shredded before they leave your Longmeadow location. Don’t let someone take your documents away or bring them to a mailbox retailer or office supply store where they may sit for weeks and you never know if and when they are shredded. You can even watch the process as it happens with the CCTV monitor installed on the side of the paper shredding truck.

One-time Shredding Service

Our onetime paper shredding service is available to both residents and businesses in Longmeadow MA. For that single or infrequent document shredding need we offer our one-time shredding service, shredding only when you need it whether it’s one box of files or thousands of boxes. You could be moving and it’s time to get rid of those old documents that have been taking up space for years or it’s time for your annual file purge. Whatever the occasional need we offer our onetime document shredding service.

Scheduled Document Shredding Service

We also offer scheduled on-site document shredding services, which is shredding on a regular basis such as weekly or monthly for businesses that need to shred documents on a regular basis. Our scheduled shredding service includes the supply of a wide variety of lockable, secure shredding containers to fit any office space. Management and staff can simply place any unnecessary papers and documents into the bins or consoles until your scheduled shredding day. Bins and consoles are placed throughout your facility so it is convenient for your staff to use. On a regular basis, our uniformed shredding technicians will come to your office, empty the shredding containers, and shred the contents in our shredding truck before leaving your Longmeadow location. An effective document shredding program is more successful if your staff knows that a shredding service is coming on a consistent basis. We will work with you to put together a shredding schedule that meets your needs.

AAA Certified Document Shredding

Federal and state privacy laws require you know who you’re turning your private documents over to. That means you have to perform a through evaluation of how the company works from hiring staff to the process that protects the security of the documents your release to them. But there is an easier way, just hire a AAA Certified shredding company and you meet your obligations under the laws. NAID, the National Association of Information Destruction is the certifying authority of document shredding companies. The AAA certification means the document destruction company exceeds the strictest policies and procedure for the shredding of your documents. FileShred is a NAID AAA Certified document shredding service.

We appreciate you taking the time to consider FileShred for your paper shredding project and we look forward to speaking with you.