Clinton Connecticut Shredding Services

We Make Shredding Convenient

Our service is convenient because we come to you, and all of your documents are shredded at your Clinton, Connecticut location before we leave. FileShred’s fleet of paper shredding trucks is dispatched right to your home or office. When our truck arrives, the process begins by putting your files into a security bin. Our bin holds 300 pounds of paper and is locked after your documents are inside to guarantee their security. The locked bin is taken to our document destruction truck by our uniformed driver. At the truck, the bin is lifted by a hydraulic bin tipper and your papers are emptied into the commercial shredder and completely destroyed. The truck is also equipped with a camera system that will allow you to see your files being shredded.

Business One-time Shredding

Your business needs shredding, but it’s just occasionally. We can help with our one-time document shredding service. There is no required schedule or frequency. Just call us when you have business records to destroy, and we come to your office to take care of it for you.

Business Schedule Shredding

Doctors, lawyers, and many other types of businesses need to destroy documents on a regular basis.  Our scheduled shredding service will accommodate that need. You just dispose of your business papers into the provided security containers onsite at your office for ongoing use. Then we set up an automatic repeating schedule that can be weekly, biweekly, every four weeks, or monthly and we empty and shred the contents of each container.

Residential Shredding

The convenience of professional shredding services that comes to your home is available with FileShred.  We will come to your Clinton, Connecticut home with one of our powerful paper shredding trucks to destroy your personal documents any day you choose, Monday through Saturday. Any of the files and documents you have at home that you don’t need anymore can be shredded right in front of you with our on-site residential shredding service.

Hard Drive Destruction

A computer hard drive is an electronic storage device in your computer that stores documents. This is in addition to many other actions you perform on your computer that you may not realize. Your hard drive is a rich source of private information for identity thieves. When you are going to replace your computer, you need to remove the hard drive and have it destroyed so the information can never be accessed when you are done with it. FileShred will come to your location and physically destroy your hard drive so the information will be gone for good.

Give FileShred a call today and we will be happy to help you start shredding right away.