When Can I Get My Documents Shredded?

FileShred provides next day document shredding services Monday through Saturday in Vernon CT. That means you can have your documents shredded tomorrow or just choose the day that is best for you to have your confidential documents properly shredded.

On-Site Shredding Services

FileShred is a mobile document shredding service. We come to your Vernon CT home or office to shred your documents on-site right outside your front door. When we arrive at your Vernon CT location your private documents will be put into a secure shredding bin. Each bin holds about 300 pounds of paper. The shredding bin is then taken to our shredding truck where your documents are emptied directly into our industrial shredder. Your documents are then completely destroyed. You can watch the shredding of your files with the on-truck camera system.

Do I have to Prepare My Documents?

No, just place your documents in boxes, garbage bags or any container that you have. No reason to open envelopes, separate file jackets or remove staples, paper clips and rubber bands our shredders with shred them all. If you have you documents in file cabinets just leave them there we will empty your file draws directly into our shredding bins.

One-time Document Shredding

When you just don’t need document shredding that often then our onetime shredding service is what you are looking for. Document shredding for that one time or occasional shredding need.

Scheduled Shredding

Putting documents with private information on them in trash cans is not a good idea and it is also a violation of Federal and State Privacy Laws. To be compliant and protect the private information of your clients, employees and your business you need to institute a scheduled shredding program. Secure shredding containers are placed in your office to drop documents in and then on a regular basis FileShred arrives to shred those documents. We work with you to put together a schedule that works for you. A consistent shredding schedule such as weekly or monthly has been shown to be more effective.

What Happens to My Shredded Documents?

Every document we shred is recycled. The shredded paper is turned back into paper pulp then used to make other paper products. A ton of shredded paper saves 17 trees. Shredding your documents protects you and the environment.

Having your documents shredded is only a phone call away, give FileShred a call.