Appointments On Your Schedule

You pick the day for your paper shredding service in West Suffield CT. FileShred offers next day document destruction services Monday through Saturday so schedule your confidential files to be destroyed on a date that works best for you.

It’s More Secure If We Shred At Your West Suffield Location

We have a fleet of the most advanced paper shredding trucks that come to your location to destroy your private files. Our industrial paper shredding trucks can shred up to 6,000 pounds of files per hour. We can destroy in minutes what would take you forever to complete with an in-office or personal shredder at home. Our fleet of trucks is boldly identified with our name and phone number so you will spot us when we arrive. Our technician will do all the work for you by placing your papers into a bin that will be locked so your files are protected when they are moved to the truck. At the truck, the automated system will then raise the bin and proceed to empty your documents into the shredder so they can be destroyed.

Watch Your Documents Being Shredded

Nothing is more comforting than you seeing your private papers being shredded. With FileShred you can. All of our document destruction trucks are equipped with a camera system that has a monitor on the side of the truck that allows you to watch your documents going through the cross-cutting blades.

Residential Shredding You Can Trust

Yes, we come to your home to securely destroy your personal papers. Our onsite home shredding service is available to residents in West Suffield CT Monday through Saturday with as little as one day notice. That means you could be shredding as soon as tomorrow. You don’t have to load your heavy files into your car anymore and take them to an office supply store where they may sit for weeks before they are destroyed. We come to your residence and it is done right away.

When You Need To Destroy Business Records

Every business in West Suffield has business records that they need to dispose of in a secure manner to protect the information of their clients, employees and their business. It’s just the quantity and frequency that changes with every company. That’s why we offer our One-Time or Schedules Shredding Services.

One-time Shredding is the destruction of your corporate files only when you need it. It may be a single occasion or a limited number times a year. For any occasional need, our onetime shredding service is your best alternative because it allows you to order services when the need arises.

Scheduled Shredding is for companies, professionals, healthcare providers and organizations of any kind that need to discard business records securely on an ongoing basis. We provide locking containers that come in various sizes to dispose of your files in. They are placed throughout your offices for convenient access. We then come to you on an ongoing schedule to empty the containers and shred the contents of each container. Your schedule can be weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly, you choose.

Some Important Things You Should Know About Us

  • Our family-owned business was stated here in CT.
  • We care about and appreciate the communities we serve.
  • You can have your quote and appointment on your first call to our office.
  • With the shredding being done at your location you’ll be able to witness everything.
  • We do all the work including carrying your documents up or downstairs.
  • We won’t take up much of your time our trucks shred 6,000 pounds of paper per hour.
  • Our staff are well trained, background checked and drug tested annually.
  • We are NAID AAA Certified which means we exceed the highest standards in the industry.

See how easy we make shredding of your confidential records give FileShred a call today.