One Call is All It Takes to Start Shredding

Just pick up the phone and call FileShred, one of our experienced shredding staff is waiting to help you. We are happy to answer all your questions and explain how our paper shredding service works. We also will be able to estimate how much you have to shred by asking you the right questions. Once we have determined how much you have to shred we can then give you a quote. Our quotes are very easy and straight forward, we charge per shredding container and you only pay for the number of shredding containers that are shredded. With FileShred there are no additional charges, you know all the costs before you order our shredding services.

How to Prepare For Your Shredding Service

It’s easy, just identify what documents you want shredded and separate them from the documents you need to keep. You don’t have to remove paper clips, stables or rubber bands. You don’t have to open envelopes or separate the paper in anyway. Our paper shredding trucks are equipped with industrial shredder that will shred all your documents just the way they are. If your documents can only be accessed by stairs just leave them there our helpful staff will carry them for you so they can be shredded.

We Come to Your Home or Business

FileShred is a mobile shredding service that provides document shredding to both residential and business customers in Wallingford CT. We have a fleet of paper shredding trucks that will come to your Wallingford CT location to shred your documents. When we arrive our shredding technician will introduce himself and show you his picture identification. Then he will ask you to show him the documents you want shredded. Your documents are placed into a document shredding bin that will be locked after it is loaded so your documents can be securely moved to the shredding truck. Once at the paper shredding truck the shredding bin is lifted by an automated system that empties your documents directly into the shredder and your documents are completely destroyed. You can also see the shredding as it happens with an external monitor screen on the paper shredding truck.

One-time and Ongoing Shredding

The need for document destruction varies with each customer. Some customers need shredding just once and others may need to shred documents on a regular basis. FileShred can accommodate any shredding need. For customers that have a one-time or infrequent document shredding need such as an annual file clean out or your moving your home or office and you just need to shred documents you have been holding for years then our onetime shredding service is for you. If you’re a business that needs to dispose of documents on a regular basis then our scheduled shredding services is for you. Here is how it works. We provide you with shredding containers that are placed in your office. Your staff can then drop the documents you no longer need into the locked shredding container. FileShred then comes to your office on a regular basis to shred your documents. Your shredding schedule can be set for weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly. You are able to change your schedule at any time if your shredding needs change.

Give FileShred a call we look forward to helping you with your document shredding needs in Wallingford CT.