Need Shredding Right Away

FileShred takes the guessing out of when you can have your documents shredded in the Springfield MA area, you pick the day you want. We offer next day document destruction services Monday through Saturday. That means you pick the day that is best for your schedule and it could be as soon as tomorrow.

Paper Shredding that Comes To You

white truck with green lettering encompassed by 4 gray recycling binsFileShred is a mobile shredding company that provides onsite paper destruction to residents and businesses of Springfield MA. We come to your Springfield location with one of our state of the art trucks and all of your documents are destroyed right there for you to see. No other information protection option is more convenient and secure than having your confidential paper records destroyed at your home or business location for you to witness.

One-time Document Shredding

To hire our professional onsite service you don’t have to have a lot of paper to destroy or have a frequent shredding need. FileShred will come to you if you only need us just one-time. Our purge service is for customers that call us only when they need us. We are happy to service your onetime paper shredding need and we look forward to you calling us again whenever you need more documents destroyed in the future.

Scheduled Shredding Service

When you stop and think about how many times over the course of the day you or your employees throw documents in a trash can you might be surprised. Putting documents in the regular trash without shredding them exposes your business, your clients and your employees to the risk of identity theft and possible fines for violating federal and state privacy laws. There is an easy way to protect your private information and be compliant with all laws, set up a scheduled document shredding service with FileShred. It’s easy, we provide you with secure containers to be placed in central locations in your office so it is convenient to deposit documents into every day. Then we work with you to determine what schedule works best for your firm. A consistent schedule is more effective such as a weekly bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly.

What You Should Shred

It is a one word answer, EVERYTHING! One half of business records you create or receive in business contains information on them that privacy laws require they be destroyed in a manner that makes the information not retrievable before they are disposed of. Don’t waste your time or the time of your employees by going through documents to determine if they should be shredded. What happens if a mistake is made, it’s just not worth taking a chance. The best option is to shred everything that way there is no question that you are compliant with the privacy laws that apply to your company.

The Other Benefit of Shredding

In addition to protecting private and personal information, document destruction also helps to protect the environment. All of the documents we destroy are recycled. The recycled paper is used to make other paper products. Recycling one ton of shredded paper saves 17 trees.

Give FileShred a call today at 413-461-2330 and have your documents shredded tomorrow.