Start Shredding Right Away

To get started just give FileShred a call. With one phone call or experienced staff will explain our shredding services, answer your questions, give you a fair quote and also schedule your shredding service. By the end of your call with FileShred you will be very comfortable with your decision to have your important papers shredded by FileShred.

Shred Tomorrow

FileShred offers next day paper shredding services to residents and businesses of Marion, CT Monday through Saturday. That means you can choose to have your documents shredded on a convenient day for you or your business. FileShred makes documents shredding fit into your schedule not a requirement that you change your schedule for us.

On-Site Shredding is Best

Onsite shredding with FileShred is more convenient and secure because all of your documents are shredded onsite at your location. Off Site shredding means someone takes your documents away and you don’t know how many people have access to your private information or where and when your documents are shredded. Drop Off Shredding means you go to a mail box or office supply store and put your document in a container where your documents may sit for weeks or months and like off-site shredding you don’t how many people have access to your documents or when or where your documents are shredded. On-site Shredding with FileShred is your best shredding option.

Helping businesses and residents of Marion, CT shred their private information is what FileShred does, we look forward to helping you.