A Call is All it Takes

West Hartford Connecticut town hall building sign by front doorOur experienced staff looks forward to helping residents and businesses in West Hartford with their shredding needs. Just give us a call and you will see how easy we make shredding. We will explain how onsite shredding works, answer your questions, determine what service you need and how much you have to shred. We can then give you a quote. Our pricing is simple and has no hidden or surprise charges. During the same call you can also set the date for us to come to you to shred your papers and files.

You Pick the Day

When you need to order a service wouldn’t it be nice for you to have that service when you want it? With FileShred you can. We offer our document shredding service any day you choose Monday through Saturday. That means you could set up your appointment for as soon as tomorrow.

We Bring Shredding To You

FileShred is a mobile shredding service. We have a fleet of paper shredding trucks that will be sent to any home or business in West Hartford. All of your documents are destroyed at your location for you to witness. Nothing is more secure than knowing and seeing your private papers have been destroyed.

We Save You Time

West Hartford Connecticut town hall common sign in front of buildingIn business or at home your time and the time of your employees are valuable. Don’t waste your time or their time sitting in front of a home or in-office shredder feeding documents one or a few at a time. Let FileShred come to destroy your documents so you and your employees can do something more productive at home or in the office. Our powerful paper shredding trucks can destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour. We can shred in minutes what would take you days to do with a small shredder.

Who Should Shred?

Many might consider it, but secure file shredding is essential for every company and resident in the West Hartford, CT area. Here in West Hartford and everywhere else identity theft is a real problem. The best way to ensure everyone avoids the perils of identity theft is to destroy every document before it in thrown away. It is also important to point out that every state and the federal government has privacy laws that require the secure destruction of paper records with personal and private information on them before they are put in the trash and if you don’t it could lead to legal ramifications and fines. Don’t take a chance, shred everything.

We Service Any Size Job

FileShred, will happily serve any type of customer with any level of need. If you’re a homeowner with just one box you need shredded, we’ll come to your home and destroy it the day you want on-site. If you’re a large corporation with thousands of boxes of paper records, we’re your ideal shredding partner—our trucks can make quick work of large quantities documents to be destroyed. No matter the size of your shredding project FileShred is here to make it easy.

Ready to get started shredding? Fill out the form below or call (860) 261-9595 for a free quote!