Call Today, Shred Tomorrow

brick twin towers with brick archway in a park environmentGive us a call, our helpful staff will give you all the information you need to make the best shredding decision for you. Have questions? No problem! We are happy to answer all of your questions, and we want you to be comfortable with the shredding service you choose. After you decide on a service, we will provide you with a great quote and schedule your paper shredding service when it’s most convenient for you. FileShred offers our document shredding services Monday through Saturday and we only need one day notice. That means you can have your documents destroyed tomorrow, if you need it that soon. We come to shred your documents when it is best for you not when it is convenient for us.

Mobile Shredding

FileShred comes to your home or office to shred your documents with one of our paper shredding trucks. No need for you to take your important papers anywhere to be destroyed, they will be completely shredded onsite at your Hartford location for you to see. No other document destruction option is more secure and comforting than having your files and papers destroyed only steps away from your front door. You can also see your documents going through the shredder with the camera system on all of our trucks.

Who Needs Shredding?

copper statue of Israel Putnam in front of a gold domed building in a parkEveryone should destroy their private papers when they are no longer needed but many don’t and that could be disastrous. The information of a business or an individual in the wrong hands like identity thieves and competitors could affect them for years. Why take any chances, shred all of your documents when you decide to dispose of them. People and businesses also need to be aware that there are federal and state privacy laws that require documents with personal and private information on them to be shredded to render them unreadable before they are thrown away. Not doing so may expose you to prosecution and fines. The bottom line is that shredding is important to comply with the need to dispose of sensitive information in a responsible way.

What Shredding Service Do I Need?

You have choices with FileShred. We offer one-time and scheduled document shredding services.

One-time Shredding- When you need to securely dispose of documents but just not that often then our onetime service is what you are looking for. It is document destruction only when you need it. So if it is time for your annual file purge or you are finally getting rid of those old documents that have been taking up space in your home or office for years then call us for a one-time document shredding service.

Scheduled Shredding- If you throw away documents on a daily basis in your office you need our scheduled service. It is the destruction of your business papers on a regular basis. We provide free security containers that come in various styles and sizes to be keep in your office to place the papers for destruction in. We provide enough containers to make it convenient for your staff to use. We then come to shred your documents on a regular basis such as weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly. For a shredding program to be effective it needs to be consistent so we will help you determine a schedule that works best for you.

Ready to shred? Contact us below or call (860) 261-9595 to get a free price quote.