Shredding Company

FileShred is an onsite document shredding company. What that means is all of your documents are securely shredded at your home or office before we leave your location.

When the Shredding Truck Arrives

When our shredding truck arrives your documents will be placed into a shredding bin and locked for security. Our shredding bins hold about 300 pounds of paper, that is 10 small file boxes or 4 full file draws. The sealed document shredding bin is then rolled to the document destruction truck where the shredding trucks automated system will lift the bin into the truck and your documents will be destroyed.

See Your Documents Being Shredded

With FileShred there is no question that your documents are securely shredded, you will be able to see your documents being shredded. How you ask, all of FileShred’s paper shredding trucks are equipped with a camera system that allows you to watch your documents being shredded on a monitor installed on the side of the truck.

Shredding is GREEN

Document shredding not only protects your private information is also protects the environment. All of the documents we shred are recycled. Every ton of documents we shred saves 17 trees. FileShred provides a great service that also is great for the environment.

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