Mobile Shredding

Our shredders are mobile and we bring them to you. We travel to our customer’s homes and offices in Deep River Connecticut with a fleet of industrial paper shredding trucks to destroy their confidential papers. On-site document destruction is the most secure way for you to destroy your documents. That’s because they never leave your location until they’ve been completely destroyed. Our trucks are also outfitted with camera systems that allow you to see your files going through the blades as it happens.

We Offer Business Shredding Services

Business One-time Shredding – The option to order document destruction only when you need it that’s our One-time Shredding service. So when your file room is full or the file cabinets in your office are overflowing, you need our one-time service. Do you need to get rid of old, outdated business archives that are taking up a lot of space you need our purge service.  Make use of our one-time option to destroy business records anytime you want to. We have no minimum visit requirements just call us when you are ready.  it could be just once.

Business Scheduled Shredding – Confidential paperwork is received and created daily at your firm. You can’t afford to let these files end up in the regular trash. Your exposure to data breaches and fines for violating privacy laws could be tremendous. Implement a secure, scheduled shredding service that allows you an easy way to dispose of your papers daily. The best alternative is to bring a professional recurring document destruction service in your organization to make secure disposal automatic. We provide secure containers to discard your paper in. We supply enough containers so they can be placed in locations so all of your staff can use them.  Then we come on a weekly, biweekly, every four weeks, or monthly schedule to empty and destroy the papers.

Residential Shredding Services

Residential Shredding – Identity theft is everywhere and growing. The best way for residents of Deep River, CT to protect themselves is to shred all documents before they are thrown away. Your personal information is in more places than you realize. Play it safe and shred everything. FileShred makes residential document shredding easy because we will come to your home any day you choose, Monday through Saturday, and destroy your personal papers.

Hard Drive Destruction

Today, everyone has a computer. However, computers eventually become obsolete. When they do, the hard drive must be removed and destroyed. The hard drive has tremendous storage capacity for your information That info can’t be deleted or wiped completely. The only way to make sure the information can no longer be used is to physically destroy the hard drive. FileShred has an on-site hard drive destruction service that will take care of that for you.

Please give us a call today. We would love to have you as a shredding client.