Why You Should Shred Everything1

Why You Should Shred Everything

There are a number of reasons why you should shred every piece of paper.

1. More Than Half of All Documents Contain Private Information – The first reason is more than half of every document has a piece of information on them that federal and state privacy laws require they be shredded before they are disposed of so that information is no longer accessible. So it pays to play it safe and shred everything.

2. Many Different Types of Documents Contain Private Information – Some documents that you may not realize have enough of your information in them for identity thieves to use to steal someone’s identity like junk mail. Credit card offers or business loans companies all send out customized marketing materials that could be used by identity thieves so every paper document no matter what it is should be shredded.

3. Reviewing Every Documents Takes A lot of Time – You will save yourself a lot of time by shredding everything. The time it will take you to review every single page to determine if it should be shredded will be enormous and you or a member of your staff have better and more productive things to do with your time.

4. You Or Someone in Your Company Will Make a Mistake – Shredding everything will eliminate the possibility of making a mistake. You are going to make a mistake at some point because it is such a monotonous task to have to review every single page. It is not humanly possible for someone to maintain their focus on every page they review and not miss something. The costs of for making a mistake with the fines and penalties for violating a privacy law along with the loss of confidence in your company could be devastating. There is no question that the best course of action is to shred everything!

You have two options for the secure destruction of your confidential records;

One-time Shredding – A onetime service turns onsite document destruction into an on-demand service. What that means is you can have your papers destroyed only when you decide you want to get it done. This option is for companies and individuals that have an occasional need for shredding services.

Scheduled Document Destruction

This option is usually more geared for businesses because it is secure mobile shredding on a set schedule. Like clockwork our trained technicians show up at your office to remove your files and shred them in the truck waiting outside. Your schedule can be daily to monthly or any time-frame in between. To make the process easier we supply our ongoing customers with locked containers that they keep in their office so anytime they need to dispose of a document they have a secure place to discard them and keep them safe until they are destroyed.

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