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Document shredding is easier that you think!

When you want to have your confidential files and records properly and safely destroyed in Connecticut so you don’t have to worry about your private information getting into the wrong hands you have an easy way to do that with on-site shredding services.

document shredding

Connecticut Laws That Apply To Document Destruction

The law makers of the State of CT have made it clear with that protecting private information is not only important but it is required by law.

Sec. 42-471. Safeguarding of personal information. Social Security numbers. Privacy protection policy. Civil penalty. (a) Any person in possession of personal information of another person shall safeguard the data, computer files and documents containing the information from misuse by third parties, and shall destroy, erase or make unreadable such data, computer files and documents prior to disposal.

Identity Theft in Connecticut

Connecticut has laws addressing identity theft, which generally occurs when one person, without authorization, uses another person’s personally identifying information for an illegal purpose. Identity theft is a class B, C, or D felony in Connecticut, depending on the value of the goods or services involved. It is also a crime in Connecticut to give, sell, or otherwise transfer another person’s personal identifying information. In addition to criminal penalties, Connecticut law allows victims of identity theft to bring civil actions for damages against their offenders.

The Best Shredding Option in CT

FileShred is a locally owned and operated document destruction company that offers both residential and business customers professional mobile shredding at their location.   They have a fleet of trucks that have been specially manufactured with industrial shredders that cut paper records in many directions so when it’s done your information can’t be read off the tiny particles of paper it creates.  The cross cutting blades not only destroy documents but they also cut through staples, paper clips and other bindery accessories so you don’t have to do much to prepare to have your documents shredded other than deciding which ones you want to eliminate.

Mobile Shredding Has Significant Advantages

The obvious advantage is the convenience onsite mobile shredding offers.  The trucks comes to your Connecticut location and all of your files are destroyed their.  Another advantage is it provides a greater level of security.  Your documents are being destroyed before the truck pulls away and you can witness them being shredded so there is never a question about when or where your papers with your personal information are no longer at risk.  Drop off or offsite shredding is when you leave your papers at some location to be destroyed or a company picks up your files and takes them away before they are shredded.  These two options increase the chance of error and your documents are no longer in your control before they are destroyed.

Ordering Is Also Easy

FileShred is a company that makes getting information, pricing and making an appointment as easy as a phone call.  They have well trained staff answer any call into their office so you will be able to speak with someone right away about your shredding project.  It’s amazing today to find a company that provides service the old fashion way with person to person interaction in a world that has become increasingly dependent on technology for customer service.  They will take the time to explain their different services and help you pick the best option for you.  On the same call you will be able to get a quote and make your service appointment.

Document Shredding Pricing

Make sure you know the total cost of the shredding service you are considering.  FileShred makes it simple because they give you a price per container they provide to put your documents in.  The cost per container is based on the type of service you choose like onetime or ongoing shredding and the volume of paper to destroy and frequency of service.  After they give you the cost per container the only other charge is sales tax.  Be careful with other companies, they like to charge additional fees and surcharges.  FileShred is one of the few companies that doesn’t add on any of those costs.

The Next Step

The next step is up to you.  Just give this good local and family owned document destruction company located in Connecticut a call when you want to shred those documents you no longer need to keep.  You’ll be glad you did.  They offer next day service Monday through Saturday.