It’s not unusual for smaller businesses to have fewer security processes in place due to the simple thought of assuming their size won’t make them a target or threat to information theft; unfortunately, the reality is that the opposite is true. Small companies often fall victim to fraudulent crime because they are seemingly easy targets for cyber criminals.
With that misconception cleared up, it’s important to understand that you should be implementing security measures for more reason than just the above mentioned; a secure working environment will reduce your chances of experiencing a data breach, which can be a costly and frustrating situation to battle your way through. Not only can the consequences be devastating from a financial standpoint, but they can also wreak havoc on your reputation as well. Small start-up companies can be more vulnerable to fraud and information theft because in many cases they are so focused on building and growing their business and customer base, that security processes get placed on the back burner.

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Security Practices You Should Consider for Your Business:


Know Your Legal Responsibilities
Always stay up to date on any state and federal privacy obligations that are applicable to your unique industry. Always remember that protecting sensitive customer and/or employee information, is your legal obligation as a business owner.

Design a Security Policy and Put it in Writing
Write a thorough security policy that carefully outlines why securing confidential documents and electronic information, is so vital in your workplace and a practice that should be followed daily. Don’t forget to include any specific outlines for your mobile workforce too.

• Implement Document Management Processes
It is in your best interest to only store and collect confidential information that is vital to your business. Furthermore, be sure that you only grant access to those in a trusted position or who have the authority to obtain this information under management. It should be controlled otherwise, reducing unauthorized access. You should also make implementing a backup plan a top priority as well. Be sure you have an organized inventory list that’s specifically for confidential records. Files should be labelled according to their applicable shredding date; this is helpful for both electronic and hard copy records.

• Remember IT Security
We encourage you to use the latest technological safeguards to reduce and identify any questionable viruses or malware.

• Keep Employees Trained Accordingly
Offering your staff regular training opportunities ensures that everyone remains educated and informed on information security and tips and the best ways to stay secure and protected.

• Perform Risk Assessments
Design a Security Risk Assessment Schedule to decide whether there are security gaps in your business and which areas require extra attention and changes.

• Document Shredding Services
Hire a reliable and reputable document shredding company, to look after the safe disposal of your sensitive documents. FileShred offers a variety of document shredding solutions to fit your needs and budget.

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