What is a Clean Desk Policy?

The concept of a “Clean Desk Policy” is a pretty simple and self-explanatory one. Essentially this policy is a documented protocol that sets the standards for how employees should handle documents and information in an organization. Sometimes called “clean screen” policies, they are used to help companies outline the proper steps each employee must take in order to ensure confidential information about the company and its customers isn’t accessible to anyone outside the company or without the proper permissions.

It typically includes the following:

  • How employees should leave their work-space at the end of the day
  • How computers, laptops, and other devices should be secured
  • What type of information should and should not be physically printed
  • Guidelines for the proper & secure storage of sensitive documents
  • How to properly dispose of documents containing confidential material
  • How to properly handle access cards, keys, etc.

Benefits of a Clean Desk Policy for Your Business

The biggest advantage of adopting a Clean Desk Policy is the increased security levels it provides for your business, employees and clients. Maintaining a clutter-free and organized office keeps your sensitive information safe and secure from outside threats, which could include theft.

With that said, there are additional benefits in choosing to roll out a Clean Desk Policy that is tailored to accommodate your business’ security needs. By doing so, you:

  • Protect your company, your clients, and your reputation
  • Promote better organization within your company
  • Reduce operating costs for things like printers, paper, ink, etc
  • Increase productivity levels and reduce stress for your employees
  • Make a better first impression for anyone who visits your office

How Do I Start a Clean Desk Policy?

Luckily getting started with this is much easier than you think! Feel free to use this downloadable Clean Desk Policy Template to get you on the right path towards secure, document management. This clean desk policy template is super simple to use and provides you with all the steps necessary in implementing your policy successfully.  Of course, this is just a template, so you are welcome to remove or add in additional procedures or policies as you see fits. This is supposed to serve as a jumping-off point, so it is highly recommended that you customize the template so that it’s exclusive to your organization.

FileShred Can Help You with Your Clean Desk Policy

With all that extra paper that used to sit on your employees’ desks, where is it being disposed of? Hopefully the files aren’t now taking up room in your recycling/trash bins, as this poses some serious red flags that should be avoided. Why? Even with an iron-clad Clean Desk Policy, all those regulations are useless if dumpster divers can still access and use that information, which is exactly what can happen if it’s thrown out without properly being destroyed. Your Clean Desk Policy should end with secure document shredding, plain and simple. Professional document shredding services ensure your documents are protected from the moment they are collected, through until they are thoroughly shred for your security.

If you’re concerned files are slipping out the door and want to make some serious security improvements, you should highly consider this policy.  Interested in learning more on how to introduce this to your team?  We will happily guide you along the way.

Get in touch with FileShred for assistance with implementing your Clean Desk Policy, or for more details regarding our secure shredding services.

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