We Shred Six Days A Week

Everyone has different schedules. People work during the week, nights and weekends. Businesses have busy and slow days. FileShred understands the need to offer our customers the flexibility to have their documents destroyed on the day that is best for them. That’s why we offer next day service Monday through Saturday.

red Welcome to Avon Connecticut sign with black pillarsShredding at Your Location

We have a fleet of paper shredding trucks that go to our customer’s locations to destroy their documents. Your important papers are shredded only steps away from your front door. You are also able to see your documents being shredded with the camera system on all of our trucks.

Why Shred?

Shredding is protection. Whether you’re a business, a non-profit, or an individual, there’s truly no one in the Avon, CT area who doesn’t need to protect their private information with our secure onsite shredding service. Federal and state privacy laws also require that when you are disposing of documents that contain personal or private information they must be shredded to render them unreadable, and unable to be reconstructed, that means shredding. Not doing so could result in prosecution and fines.

What Should I Shred?

All documents that are not needed anymore should be shredded, here’s why. Half of every document received or created has information on them that privacy laws require they be shredded before they are disposed of. The time to review each document and the possibility of making a mistake is tremendous so the best and safest course of action is to shred everything. There is also an added benefit with shredding every document it is good for the environment. All of the paper we shred is recycled and used to make other paper products. Just one ton of shredded paper that is recycled saves 17 trees.

We Service Any Size Shredding Job

Avon Connecticut historic sign with gray pillars in field of grassWhether you have a home, garage, storage unit, office, or warehouse with one box or filled with old documents, there’s no amount of paper shredding too large or too small for us to handle. Our cutting-edge paper shredding trucks can securely destroy up to 6,000 pounds of documents per hour, so you’re never more than a short wait away from compliance and peace of mind. Not to mention that we can shred in minutes what would take you days to do on your own with a personal in in-office shredder. We bring a lot of document shredding power and convenience to you in Avon.

Shredding Options

Having your documents securely destroyed in not a one-size fits all service. FileShred offers one-time and scheduled document shredding services.

One-time Shredding – When you have an occasional need to destroy papers such as an annual file purge or it’s time to get rid of those old documents that have been sitting around at home or in the office for years then our one-time service is for you.

Scheduled Shredding– Most businesses need to dispose of documents on a regular basis. For this need we offer our scheduled service. We provide you with secure containers to deposit and hold your papers in until they are shredded. Your regular shredding schedule can be weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks and monthly. If you have a need for a different timetable let us know. Remember that a document destruction program is more successful if it is consistent. Ready to shred your important papers conveniently at your Avon location? Get in touch with us today for a free quote!