Shred Tomorrow

That’s right with FileShred you could have your document professionally destroyed as soon as tomorrow. FileShred offers next day document shredding services in Meriden CT Monday through Saturday so you have the option to pick the date that fits best into your schedule.  So if you call us today you could have your confidential records destroyed as soon as tomorrow or any date you prefer.

On-Site Shredding

FileShred is a mobile paper shredding service. We come to your Meriden CT home or office with one of our document destruction trucks and all of your documents are destroyed at your location. Onsite shredding is more secure because your important and private files are shredded right in front of you. Watch your documents being shredded with the camera system on all of our mobile shredding trucks.

Commercial Document Destruction Services

Businesses in Meriden CT can choose FileShred’s onetime or scheduled document shredding services.

One-time Shredding – Our one-time shredding service is for businesses that have infrequent document destruction need such as an annual file purge.  It allows companies to call for the secure disposal of corporate records anytime and how often they decide they need it. We are happy if you call us once or just a few time just remember to call us.

Scheduled Shredding – Our scheduled shredding service is for businesses that need to securely dispose of sensitive documents on a consistent basis. To make that regular shredding need easier we provide you with locked security containers to put your documents in until your scheduled shredding service is performed.  Then we come to your location on a recurring basis to empty the containers and shred the documents.  We offer weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly schedules.

Home Shredding Near You

FileShred provides residents of Meriden CT with the secure destruction of their personal files right outside their front door. Residents of Meriden need to protect themselves against identity thieves and the best way to do that is to shred your private documents with FileShred with our on-site residential shredding service.

Shredding is GREEN

Providing environmentally friendly service is important.  Our shredding service helps the environment because we recycle all of the records we destroy.  The shredded paper is turned back into paper pulp and then used to make other paper products like paper towels and tissues.  Every ton of shredded paper will save 17 trees.

Whether you’re a resident or business in Meriden CT FileShred can help you with your document destruction need, give us a call.