Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction ServiceHelping You Protect Your Electronic Data Security

A single computer hard drive can hold more sensitive information about you and your business than all of your paper records. Even if you’ve “deleted” your files before disposing of your old computers, the data most often remains accessible to hackers and identity thieves. The only way to secure your electronic data and your own peace of mind is to call on FileShred, your trusted hard drive destruction service in the Hartford, CT area.

The Hard Drive Destruction Process

The only reliable way to protect you, your family, and your business from the dangers of identity theft via your old hard drives is to destroy them physically. When it comes to hard drive destruction, it’s best to rely on the trusted professionals at FileShred.

Hard Drive DestructionWe’ll come directly to your home or office at your convenience, Monday through Saturday. The first step in hard drive destruction is to record the serial numbers of each hard drive you’re having destroyed. Then, we use our portable hard drive destruction equipment to destroy your hard drives, making certain to render them 100% unreadable. You can watch the entire process, and we’ll even provide you with a Certificate of Destruction that includes a list of your destroyed hard drives by serial number.

Whether you’re a homeowner seeking a bit more peace of mind or a large company seeking to comply with specific data destruction regulations, FileShred’s hard drive destruction service is perfect for you.