Shredding Information

If this is your first time looking for paper shredding services you probably have a lot of questions. If you have used or are using a shredding service now and you’re not quite getting the shredding service that you expected how do you get the shredding service that you need? FileShred can help. We have a team of experienced shredding professionals that are available to answer all of your questions, explain our document shredding options and help you choose the right shredding service for you.

What does Shredding Cost?

With FileShred the cost of shredding is very easy and straight forward. We charge a rate per shredding container. All you have to do is know the number of containers shredded and then multiply it by the rate per container. FileShred will provide you with and you will approve the rate per shredding container before we arrive to shred your documents. The rate per container is based on the quantity of documents you have to shred and the frequency of the shredding. There is no other cost other than applicable taxes.

Choose Your Shredding Date

Residents and businesses in Haddam CT have a lot of things going on. Wouldn’t it be nice to fit the secure shredding of your documents into your schedule when it is best for you? With FileShred you choose the day. We shred Monday through Saturday in Haddam CT and with our next day shredding option you can have your documents shredded tomorrow or any day that you choose.

On-site Shredding

FileShred brings shredding to you. We are on onsite shredding service with a fleet of the most advanced industrial shredding trucks in the industry. When our shredding trucks arrive at your Haddam home or office our staff will do all the work under your direction. Your documents will be put into a shredding bin and the bin will be sealed. The sealed shredding bin will then be taken to the document shredding truck where the shredding system will lift the shredding bin and empty your documents into the shredder. Your documents are completely shredded. You will also be able to visually verify that your documents have been shredded because you can see your documents being shredded with the camera system on all of our shredding trucks that has a monitor conveniently mounted on the side of the truck.

One-time shredding

Our one-time document shredding service is for a single or occasional purge or clean out of documents that are no longer needed. If you are a resident with few file boxes that you need to be shredded or an office with a file room that you need to make room in our one-time on-site shredding service is what you are looking for.

Schedule Shredding

Every office generates and receives documents every month that have sensitive information on them. The compliant, effective and convenient way to securely dispose of these documents is to have a regular and consistent scheduled shredding service. That means you can set your watch by your shredding schedule. You can choose weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks on monthly. The best policy to ensure your firms compliance with privacy laws is to adopt a shred everything policy since half of all documents contain information that needs to be shredded when it is time to dispose of them. Don’t take a chance, shred everything.

We look forward to talking to you about your shredding needs.