What Day Do You Want To Shred?

Plainville Municipal Center building with red lettering on white concreteReally, you can choose the day with FileShred. We offer next day shredding six days a week. That means you can choose any day you want Monday through Saturday to have your documents destroyed. With FileShred, businesses and residents have the flexibility to fit shredding conveniently into their schedule when it is best for them.

Want To Shred At Your Location, You Got IT!

One of our state of the art paper shredding trucks and technician conveniently arrives at your Plainville location – we come to you. Under your supervision your documents are placed into a security bin that will be locked so your documents can be moved to the truck in the most secure way. The bin is then moved to the document destruction truck that is equipped with a shredding system that will lift the bin and empty your documents into the shredder and your document are destroyed. Everything happens for you to witness.

One-time Shredding

Shredding is important even if you don’t need it often. For those occasional needs to destroy files we offer our one-time shredding service that affords our clients the opportunity to shred only when they need it. So if it time to make room in your overflowing file room or you need to make room at home and get rid of those old files then our onetime service is just right for you.

Scheduled Shredding

Protect your clients, your employees and your businesses secrets by adopting a shred everything, all the time policy in your office. Never let any files or papers go in the trash without being shredded. This is where our scheduled document shredding service comes in. We provide you with locking containers to be placed throughout your office so your documents can be held in a safe place until they are destroyed. We then come to your office regularly to empty the containers and shred your files. You can choose weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly schedules. Choosing a consistent schedule will be more successful and reduce the chances of papers mistakenly being put in the trash.

blue plainville municipal center sign in grass with red flowers surrounding itWho Needs File Shredding?

If you’re asking yourself, “should I be worried about shredding my files,” the answer is yes! Everyone, whether you’re a resident or a business in Plainville, can benefit from our file shredding services. There are a range of legal reasons why all companies must securely destroy their files, and everyone in the Plainville area is at risk for identity theft all the time. The only reliable answer is on-site file shredding services from FileShred. We’ll come to your location securely destroy your sensitive files immediately.

What Should Be Shredded?

Personal and private information shows up on a lot of different documents. You may be surprised to learn that 50% of all documents contain some type of information that needs to be protected. Error on the side of caution and shred everything, this way there is never a question that your information has been securely disposed of.

We encourage you to fill out the form below or call our team at (860) 261-959 to learn more, get a free quote and start shredding right away.