Make Your Appointment Today To Start Shredding Tomorrow

FileShred is ready to help, just give us a call and you could have your documents destroyed for as soon as tomorrow. With just one call we will explain our services so you can be comfortable with your choice for the shredding of your private information. During that same call, we will give you a very reasonable cost for your document destruction service and you can pick the date you want your paper records destroyed. We provide on-site appointments in Elmwood CT Monday through Saturday.

Our On-site Service Let’s You See Your Documents Being Shredded

There is no other or a more secure way for you to have your documents destroyed than having them shredded right in front of you. FileShred is a mobile service. Our paper shredding trucks will come to your Elmwood CT residence or office to securely and professionally destroy your documents. All of our trucks are equipped with a customer viewing station that has a monitor that allows you to watch your documents going through the industrial cutting blades.

Shredding for Companies

One-time Shredding – If you have an occasional need to clean out old files that have accumulated around the office or in your file room you can choose our one-time document destruction service. Our onetime option is paper shredding for a single occasion like a large file purge or a periodic need that comes at different times during the year because you accumulate business records that need to be disposed of inconsistently.  Anytime you need on-site document destruction services we are ready.

Scheduled Shredding –  If your business has a need to dispose of papers records often you need our ongoing service.  We supply you with security containers free of charge to deposit business files in so they can be protected until they are destroyed. Our security containers are a convenient and secure way to isolate and store your confidential papers in because we supply enough containers so they can be placed in locations for all of your staff to easily access.  We will work with you to choose a recurring schedule that can be weekly, biweekly, every four weeks or monthly.

Shredding for Residents

The personal documents you keep at home are a target for identity thieves that’s why you should never put any of them in with the household trash.  Your garbage is legally available anyone once you put it to the curb or put it in a dumpster.  Don’t expose yourself to the possibility of identity theft always have your personal papers professionally destroyed.  Our residential shredding service is available to come to your home to destroy your files any date you prefer Monday through Saturday.  Since we are an on-site service you will be able to witness the shredding of your documents when it happens.  No other option is more secure and convenient.

We’re Unique Here’s Why

  • We are not a not a national company we are a local CT family owned business.
  • We have a local interest with keeping our customers happy.
  • We’ve made it easy to get a quote and make an appointment just give us a call.
  • You can pick any day you want Monday – Saturday for your appointment.
  • Your documents are conveniently shredded at your location.
  • We have a fleet of the most powerful paper destruction trucks in the industry.
  • Our staff are background checked and drug tested annually so you can trust us.
  • Our NAID AAA Certification means we exceed the highest standards in the industry.

We look forward to working with you to properly shred your documents so give FileShred a Call.