Find Out How Easy Shredding Can Be

Shredding is as easy as making a telephone call. That’s right just give FileShred a call and you could have your documents shredded tomorrow. When you call FileShred you will be speaking to one of or professional paper shredding advisors that will walk your through the whole process. We are happy to explain our shredding services and answer all of your questions. We want you to be comfortable with your choice to use FileShred to shred your documents. Then during the same telephone call we will give you a reliable price quote that will not have any extra or surprise charges. Finally you will be able to schedule your shredding service. All this with just one telephone call.

Town of Ellington Connecticut stone establishment sign in stone wallOn-Site Document Shredding is More Secure

What could be more secure and reliable than having your documents shredded right in front of you at your Ellington CT location. FileShred is a mobile shredding service that has a fleet of document shredding trucks that come to your home or office to shred all of your documents. Your documents will be placed in a shredding bin and then locked. The secure shredding bin is taken to the shredding truck waiting outside your location. Your documents are completely shredded and you also have the option to accompany the bin to the truck and actually watch your documents being shredded on the TV monitor on the side of the truck.

Shred Tomorrow with FileShred

We understand that when you or a business is making an inquiry about document shredding you need to shred documents and in many cases you have already identified what documents need to be shredded so you’re ready to get the shredding done. FileShred is as ready as you are. We offer next day paper shredding Monday through Saturday. That means your can have your documents shredded tomorrow or any day that you choose.

What should be Shredded

The safest answer is everything. You may be surprised to learn that 50% of all documents contain some piece of information on them that Privacy Laws require be shredded before they are thrown away. So how do you decide? Well the time it will take to review all documents to determine if the information on them needs to be shredded can be cost and time prohibitive. The easiest and safest way is to shred all documents before you put them in the trash,

One-Time Shredding or Schedule Document Shredding

You may have a rare or infrequent need to shred documents but when you do FileShred offers one-time document shredding services for those customers that have that onetime or occasional paper shredding need. But if you need to shred documents on a regular basis then our scheduled document shredding service is what you are looking for. We will come to shred your documents weekly, monthly or any interval that works for you as long as it is at least once per quarter. To help you organize and isolate the documents that need to be shredded we provide secure shredding containers to be placed in your office for the convenience of you and your staff.

Have more questions, need a price quote? FileShred is ready to help, give us a call.