Shredding is Easier Than You Think

We make the shredding of your records straightforward. To start give FileShred a call and we will explain the document destruction process to you from your call to the shredding of your documents. We will also take all of your paper shredding needs into consideration and give you a price with no hidden costs. As long as you are satisfied with what we have proposed and the pricing we have provided you can then schedule your appointment.

Set Your Shredding Appointment

When do you want to have your documents destroyed? With FileShred you pick the date. FileShred offers next day document shredding services Monday through Saturday in East Berlin CT. There is no extra charge if Saturday is the best day for you.

On-Site Shredding

FileShred is a mobile information destruction service. What that means is one of our paper shredding trucks will come to your East Berlin home or office and all secure destruction takes place at your location. All of your private records will be completely shredded before we leave.

Business Shredding Services

Paper shredding falls into two main categories for commercial clients, One-time or Schedule Shredding.

Onetime Shredding is for businesses of East Berlin that have an occasional or one-time need to securely dispose of business records. This option allows you to order document destruction only when you need it.  The flexibility of this service makes it easy for your annual file purge or finally get rid of those old files that you have wanted to eliminate for years.

Scheduled Shredding is for an ongoing need to dispose of company records. FileShred provides locked security containers to hold your documents in until they are destroyed. They are supplied free of charge and in sufficient quantities, so they are located throughout your office for easy access by your entire staff,   Our trained employees will come to your location to empty and destroy your papers on a recurring schedule.  Your shredding program can be weekly, biweekly, every four weeks or monthly.

Residential Shredding Services

Why not finally get rid of all those old personal files at home you don’t need anymore.  Those old tax returns, medical records and a whole host of other private records are just taking up a lot of space.  Although you have no use for them anymore you still need to make sure no one else can have access to them.  That means they have to be shredded.  Our residential document destruction service will come to your home and destroy your personal files and you will be able to witness it as it happening.   Our home shredding service is available Monday through Saturday.

FileShred is a local onsite shredding and hard drive destruction service that provides information destruction to the businesses and residents located in Connecticut and the Springfield Massachusetts area.  For more information or to schedule an appointment right away gives us a call.