Shredding Options That Are Convenient

Whether you’re looking for a one-time or an ongoing document shredding service, FileShred can accommodate your need. We’ll come to you with one of our mobile paper shredding trucks that are the most advanced in the industry and can destroy up to 6,000 pounds of paper per hour at your location.  An added benefit with our trucks is the on-board video system that allows you watch your confidential records going through the blades and being destroyed so there is no question that your information is gone for good.

FileShred Makes Setting Up Your Appointment Easy

Just give us a call and we will take the time to answer all your questions and provide you with information about our shredding options so you can choose the best service for you.  We will also help you determine how much you have to destroy or how often you need to shred paper files.  Then we can give you a simple straightforward quote and then schedule your appointment for any date you want at your location in Canton, CT.

Document Destruction Monday – Saturday

We destroy your private records on the date you prefer. We accommodate your schedule so pick the date that works best for you because we offer on-site shredding services to the residents and businesses of Canton CT Monday through Saturday.  Since we work six days a week it’s simple to make and appointment.

Business On-site Shredding 

Regularly Scheduled Services – When your business is throwing away company papers often you need a way to protect the information from being stolen and be compliant with Federal and State Privacy Laws.  The answer is our ongoing scheduled document destruction service.  We provide you with secure, locked containers to fill with your material to be destroyed. Our containers come in various sizes and we provide an adequate quantity so they are placed in a convenient location in your office so all of your staff will be able to easily use them.  Our mobile trucks will arrive on a frequency best suited for your business and will destroy your documents on-site.  We offer schedules that are weekly, biweekly, every four weeks or monthly.

One-time Purges – FileShred provides on-site destruction services to companies with an occasional need to shred business records with our One-time Service.  This option allows you to call for shredding services only when you need it so if you want to get rid of those old stored documents at an off-site storage facility or you need to make room in your office that is over-flowing with outdated files then our on-demand purge service is the answer.  Our trained staff will fill the containers with your materials and destroy them right on-site. Please call us and we can give you a custom quote based on the number of files you have to dispose of.

Call Today For Residential Shredding Tomorrow

At some point, you will run out of room at home to store all those old personal files.  When that happens you can’t just put them in the trash where identity thrives like to look to steal your private information.   The safest and most secure way to dispose of them is to call FileShred’s At Home Shredding Service.  We come to your residence with one of our powerful document destruction trucks and all of your files and records are destroyed there for you to witness as it is being done.  So if those old tax returns, medical files, and household bills are taking up too much space and you don’t need them anymore then give us a call to set up an appointment for our onsite residential shredding service.  We ready to help Monday through Saturday.

FileShred is a local onsite shredding and hard drive destruction service that provides information destruction to the businesses and residents located in Connecticut and the Springfield Massachusetts area.  For more information or to schedule an appointment right away gives us a call.