Next Day Paper Shredding

It’s true you could have your documents shredded as soon as tomorrow. FileShred offers the residents and businesses of Cheshire CT paper shredding services Monday through Saturday. So any day that is good for you to have your documents destroyed is good for us.

Shredding Onsite at Your Location

FileShred is a mobile document shredding company. We bring one of our shredding trucks right to the front door of your home or office in Cheshire CT and all of your documents are shredded right in front of you. The most secure way to destroy your documents with private information on them is with onsite shredding because your documents are shredded before the trucks leaves.

Shredding Options

Document shredding falls into two categories, one-time shredding or scheduled shredding. Onetime shredding is for either residents or businesses of Cheshire CT that have an occasional shredding need such as an annual file purge or you just need to get rid of files that you have accumulated over a number of years. Scheduled shredding is shredding services that are structured and consistent when you dispose of private documents on a regular basis. You have to option to have your scheduled shredding weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or on a flexible schedule. To make the process easier we provide you with shredding containers to place your documents in until they are shredded.

FileShred is ready to help so give us a call.