On-Site Shredding

Wouldn’t you be more comfortable seeing your documents destroyed right in front of you? With FileShred you can. We are a mobile document shredding service, that means one of our document shredding trucks come to your Coventry CT home or place of business to shred all of your documents. Every truck in our fleet of paper shredding trucks is equipped with a camera system with a monitor on the side of the shredding truck that allows you to watch your documents being shredded.

Next Day Shredding

We understand that when you are looking to purchase any service you want to schedule that service when it is most convenient for you. Unfortunately many shredding companies ask you to be available when it is best for them. Not FileShred, we offer residents and businesses in Coventry CT next day document shredding Monday through Saturday so you choose the day that is best for your schedule and that’s when FileShred will come to shred your documents.

Residential Document Shredding

It is just as important for residents of Coventry CT to destroy documents before they are thrown away as it is for a business. The easiest way for identity thieves to get your personal information is from documents. It you just put them in the trash you are inviting trouble. FileShred makes residential shredding very easy; we come to your home and shred all your documents before the shredding truck leaves. Since we shred Monday through Saturday you won’t even have to take off a day from work.

Business Document Shredding

FileShred offers businesses two types of document destruction services, One-Time Shredding or Schedule Paper Shredding Services. Onetime shredding is for those infrequent times you need to shred documents such as an annual file purge or in preparation for an office relocation. Our one-time shredding service is for any occasional shredding need. Most businesses discard documents on a daily basis. These businesses need our Schedule Shredding Service. FileShred provides you with locking shredding containers to be set up in central locations in your office so documents that you are discarding can be put into a secure container until they are shredded not just thrown in the trash where unauthorized people can have access to them. We then work with you to set a schedule that works for you such as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. A document shredding program is more effective if it is consistent so your employees know when documents are shredded.

Shredding is Recycling

When you shred your documents you are helping the environment. All of the documents we shred are recycled. That means that the shredded paper is turned back into paper pulp and then used to make other paper products. One ton or shredded paper saves 17 trees.

Having your documents shredded by FileShred is easy, convenient and also helps the environment. It is a win, win, win situation so give FileShred a call.