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Document shredding is easier that you think!

When you want to have your confidential files and records properly and safely destroyed in Connecticut so you don’t have to worry about your private information getting into the wrong hands you have an easy way to do that with on-site shredding services.

document shredding

Connecticut Laws That Apply To Document Destruction

The law makers of the State of CT have made it clear with that protecting private information is not only important but it is required by law.

Sec. 42-471. Safeguarding of personal information. Social Security numbers. Privacy protection policy. Civil penalty. (a) Any person in possession of personal information of another person shall safeguard the data, computer files and documents containing the information from misuse by third parties, and shall destroy, erase or make unreadable such data, computer files and documents prior to disposal.

Identity Theft in Connecticut

Connecticut has laws addressing identity theft, which generally occurs when one person, without authorization, uses another person’s personally identifying information for an illegal purpose. Identity theft is a class B, C, or D felony in Connecticut, depending on the value of the goods or services involved. It is also a crime in Connecticut to give, sell, or otherwise transfer another person’s personal identifying information. In addition to criminal penalties, Connecticut law allows victims of identity theft to bring civil actions for damages against their offenders.

The Best Shredding Option in CT

FileShred is a locally owned and operated document destruction company that offers both residential and business customers professional mobile shredding at their location.   They have a fleet of trucks that have been specially manufactured with industrial shredders that cut paper records in many directions so when it’s done your information can’t be read off the tiny particles of paper it creates.  The cross cutting blades not only destroy documents but they also cut through staples, paper clips and other bindery accessories so you don’t have to do much to prepare to have your documents shredded other than deciding which ones you want to eliminate.

Mobile Shredding Has Significant Advantages

The obvious advantage is the convenience onsite mobile shredding offers.  The trucks comes to your Connecticut location and all of your files are destroyed their.  Another advantage is it provides a greater level of security.  Your documents are being destroyed before the truck pulls away and you can witness them being shredded so there is never a question about when or where your papers with your personal information are no longer at risk.  Drop off or offsite shredding is when you leave your papers at some location to be destroyed or a company picks up your files and takes them away before they are shredded.  These two options increase the chance of error and your documents are no longer in your control before they are destroyed.

Ordering Is Also Easy

FileShred is a company that makes getting information, pricing and making an appointment as easy as a phone call.  They have well trained staff answer any call into their office so you will be able to speak with someone right away about your shredding project.  It’s amazing today to find a company that provides service the old fashion way with person to person interaction in a world that has become increasingly dependent on technology for customer service.  They will take the time to explain their different services and help you pick the best option for you.  On the same call you will be able to get a quote and make your service appointment.

Document Shredding Pricing

Make sure you know the total cost of the shredding service you are considering.  FileShred makes it simple because they give you a price per container they provide to put your documents in.  The cost per container is based on the type of service you choose like onetime or ongoing shredding and the volume of paper to destroy and frequency of service.  After they give you the cost per container the only other charge is sales tax.  Be careful with other companies, they like to charge additional fees and surcharges.  FileShred is one of the few companies that doesn’t add on any of those costs.

The Next Step

The next step is up to you.  Just give this good local and family owned document destruction company located in Connecticut a call when you want to shred those documents you no longer need to keep.  You’ll be glad you did.  They offer next day service Monday through Saturday.






It is very important today especially, that Springfield organizations are consciously making decisions that enhance their internal security efforts; this is due to the level of confidential information circulating most offices on any given day.  Remember that the personal details surrounding your clients, employees, customers and business, deserve proper protection from information exposure.

What is the best solution for this? Secure document destruction of any sensitive document containing private details that you no longer need to store. While in-house office shredders may seem like a feasible solution, they simply aren’t reliable and only shred documents into strips, which can be easily put back together. An office shredder also demands considerable time and attention, which means your employees, are pulled away from the job duties they were hired to perform; this affects overall productivity tremendously.

The only method of destruction that is 100% secure and reliable is through an experienced professional equipped with the necessary technology and machinery to shred information into an irrecoverable state. Not only does this process protect you from potential fraud and identity theft, it also ensures that your business remains compliant with key privacy legislation. It also helps your company maintain organization over your critical information.

Advantages of a Professional Document Shredding Company:

For trusted shredding you can count on, we welcome you to consider using FileShred as your source for shredding. Our services guarantee your peace of mind, while saving you time and money. How do you know you’re partnering with the right company for your needs, however? You’ll want to first consider what services would be beneficial to your company prior to hiring us or any other document shredding company, because not every business provides the same services. For instance, if you need a one-time purge service or regular ongoing shredding services on the other hand, you’ll want to confirm that the shredding company you’re considering does in fact offer these options.  Knowing what solutions you need, will help you decide which professional services you should be seeking out. A one-time purge service is typically used by companies who need to get rid of a significantly large volume of documents because of a move, clean-up, or office closure. Documents are collected and shred directly on-site through the use of our mobile shred trucks.

If you’re a Springfield business owner requiring routine, regular service and prefer the idea of ongoing shredding, our scheduled shredding option is probably the most beneficial option for you. If you’re unsure on what approach to take the FileShred team is more than happy to evaluate your current document disposal habits, and provide feedback in relation  appropriate options based on what we determine. With your agreement, an appropriate collection schedule will be put together to meet your specific needs. There is little disruption in your work day, and you may witness the shredding process if preferred. We are pleased to operate industry-leading shredding equipment that is the safest among the industry. There is zero chance of information recovery with our document shredding services.

Whether your Springfield business is looking for a one-time purge service or is interested in an ongoing, regular document shredding program, it’s important that you are happy with company you’ve chosen and feel confident in their professional capabilities. For service that is not only pleasant but is also dependable, choose a company that is:

  • Uniformed, screened, and background-checked professionals who are trained appropriately
  • A strict chain-of-custody that follows the highest of industry standards
  • Collection on-site at your location, followed by prompt shredding that you are free to watch
  • Cross-cut shredder technology and multiple shred sizes
  • Recycling of shredded material
  • Certificate of Destruction provided following each job

Privacy laws are constantly changing and penalties for non-compliance are becoming far more stringent, which makes shredding even more crucial. As a business owner, sensitive records and customer information needs to stay secure while in storage but it’s equally important that when they are ready to be disposed of they are done in a safe manner that protects information from exposure. Shredding is the only option that does just that.

Find out how FileShred can help your business start an effective shredding program that includes electronic destruction, protecting your vital information from unwanted exposure. Our professionals constantly stress the importance of your security, and it is always a top priority of ours to guarantee your privacy.

Contact FileShred to find out more about our secure document shredding services.

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shred day

You’ve decided. There are some documents that require shredding.

Whether it’s to clean things up around the home office or to ensure that industry policies are followed, paper shredding is an effective, economical way to get the job done. But what, exactly, does a typical shredding appointment entail? Today, we’re going to walk you through what you can expect from a shredding appointment, what you can do to get ready for it, and what happens to your shredded documents once they’ve been destroyed.

Getting Things Ready

Before any shredding can happen, you must first make an appointment with our helpful customer service staff. You can do this either online or by calling into our office. Either way, we’ll provide you with a free consultation and estimate so you won’t be blindsided by any hidden fees. We’ll also answer any questions you may have about the process.

There are several different options for your shredding day:

  • One-Time – If you’re only looking for a one-time purge, a single visit from our shred trucks might be perfectly sufficient for your needs.
  • Scheduled – This option is best for offices and individuals who regularly process sensitive information, whether it’s private customer details or business documents that should be properly disposed. We’ll work with you to determine a schedule for regular document destruction.
  • Community Event – Give back to the community and thank your customers by providing an invaluable service. Whether it’s to spread awareness about the rates of identity theft or to help collect for a charity, a community event can be a practical (and surprisingly fun) way to accomplish those goals.
  • Hard Drive Shredding – Paper isn’t the only thing we process. We can also shred hard drives and other electronic media or storage devices.
  • Home Shredding – Even if it’s only a few boxes’ worth of documents, we can also arrange an appointment for home shredding, as soon as the next day.

Our customer service representatives will have more detailed information, depending on the type of service you request, but you’ll typically be asked to gather whatever items need to be shredded. If your shredding is regularly scheduled, we’ll provide free, secure containers that you can use throughout the office. If it’s a one-time shred or a community event, we’ll accept documents in any container.

You`ll want to make sure that wherever you opt to host the shredding day is in a place large enough for the shredding truck and any guests you may have. A parking lot is one of the most common locations, so make sure you obtain any permits necessary to occupy the space.

The Moment (and Truck) Arrives

It’s shredding time. Your FileShred truck, capable of destroying 6,000 pounds of paper an hour, will come meet you at your office, home, or other agreed-upon location. Our helpful, well-trained, and fully certified staff will greet you, and then will begin the shredding process.

Documents or items to be shredded will be collected into our security bins, which are specially designed to hold up to 300 pounds of paper. These bins will be locked into place on our shredding truck, and, with the press of a single button, will be lifted, tipping the contents directly into the metal teeth of our cross-cutting shredder. You’ll even be able to watch the process, as a viewing monitor on the side of the truck transmits every second of the documents’ destruction.

Where Does it Go?

Once the last few pieces of paper have been chewed into tiny particles, our staff will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records. They will then transport the shredded documents to a paper mill, where the paper will be cleaned, sorted from any non-paper materials, and repurposed into new paper materials. No trace of any sensitive information will be left.

If the shredded materials were electronic in nature, a similar process will occur. They will be securely transported to a recycling facility, where the particles will be sifted and sorted into different component categories. Once organized, these tiny particles can be reused to create new items. It`s actually easier to recover rare earth metals, like lanthanum and terbium, from recycled electronics than it is to harvest them from the ground!

You can relax in the knowledge that a document shredding service is one of the best ways to guarantee that the information contained will be securely and responsibly discarded. You`ll even receive a Certificate of Destruction, confirming that the data was disposed by a certified service according to all the latest industry standards.

Call (855) 54-SHRED or contact us via online messaging to book your shredding day!


It’s not unusual for smaller businesses to have fewer security processes in place due to the simple thought of assuming their size won’t make them a target or threat to information theft; unfortunately, the reality is that the opposite is true. Small companies often fall victim to fraudulent crime because they are seemingly easy targets for cyber criminals.
With that misconception cleared up, it’s important to understand that you should be implementing security measures for more reason than just the above mentioned; a secure working environment will reduce your chances of experiencing a data breach, which can be a costly and frustrating situation to battle your way through. Not only can the consequences be devastating from a financial standpoint, but they can also wreak havoc on your reputation as well. Small start-up companies can be more vulnerable to fraud and information theft because in many cases they are so focused on building and growing their business and customer base, that security processes get placed on the back burner.

maintaining security

Stay Protected!
Security Practices You Should Consider for Your Business:


Know Your Legal Responsibilities
Always stay up to date on any state and federal privacy obligations that are applicable to your unique industry. Always remember that protecting sensitive customer and/or employee information, is your legal obligation as a business owner.

Design a Security Policy and Put it in Writing
Write a thorough security policy that carefully outlines why securing confidential documents and electronic information, is so vital in your workplace and a practice that should be followed daily. Don’t forget to include any specific outlines for your mobile workforce too.

• Implement Document Management Processes
It is in your best interest to only store and collect confidential information that is vital to your business. Furthermore, be sure that you only grant access to those in a trusted position or who have the authority to obtain this information under management. It should be controlled otherwise, reducing unauthorized access. You should also make implementing a backup plan a top priority as well. Be sure you have an organized inventory list that’s specifically for confidential records. Files should be labelled according to their applicable shredding date; this is helpful for both electronic and hard copy records.

• Remember IT Security
We encourage you to use the latest technological safeguards to reduce and identify any questionable viruses or malware.

• Keep Employees Trained Accordingly
Offering your staff regular training opportunities ensures that everyone remains educated and informed on information security and tips and the best ways to stay secure and protected.

• Perform Risk Assessments
Design a Security Risk Assessment Schedule to decide whether there are security gaps in your business and which areas require extra attention and changes.

• Document Shredding Services
Hire a reliable and reputable document shredding company, to look after the safe disposal of your sensitive documents. FileShred offers a variety of document shredding solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Ready to schedule a consultation with a member of our team? We are happy to assist you in determining what shredding services will benefit your business most. We are your trusted professionals in the document destruction industry!

Get in touch today!

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In their August 2019 earnings report, Stericycle/Shred-it has announced they would be adding another surcharge to their customers in order to offset the recent downturn in the value of selling the shredded paper. Be sure to check your bills and make sure your document shredding company isn’t passing along this charge to you.

FileShred wants to let you know we don’t charge surcharges and we have no intention of passing along this financial burden to our customer’s we value our relationships with each and every one of you and wanted to thank you for your continued business.

Call now for a free quote from FileShred to avoid these surcharges (855) 54-SHRED (74733)


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Whether it’s your clients’, your patients, your businesses or your own private data, making sure confidential information is protected is more critical than ever. Keeping unneeded paper records longer than you need to increases the threat of having that private information stolen.  Here are some reasons to consider hiring a document destruction service.

pile of shredded documentation on top of a gray filing cabinet


Whenever you are discarding information on documents like medical records, payroll records or any papers with personal information such as addresses and account numbers you are legally required to dispose of them correctly to be compliant with all privacy laws. All of the documents should be shredded to ensure the data can never be seen again.


Identity theft is growing every year don’t allow yourself to become a victim.  These criminals will search through your garbage cans at the curb of dig through dumpsters to steal personal information. If these thieves find personal details they can use that information to set up phony credit accounts that will take years to correct.  They may even be able to get access to your bank accounts and withdraw money.


Using a small personal shredder will take a long time to destroy papers since you can only feed a few sheets at a time.  You’ll also have to remove staples, paper clips and rubber bands.  A Professional Shredding Service will destroy in minutes what would take you days or weeks to do on your own.


Protecting the environment is important and shredding helps.  Companies increase goodwill by highlighting their efforts to be green.  Some clients require you to show how your company is acting in an environmentally friendly way.  A Shredding Company recycles all the documents they shred.  That shredded paper goes through a process that turns in back into paper pulp so it can be used to make other paper products and reduce the need to harvest trees.


90% of all businesses data is on documents.  Everything from meeting minutes, client proposals, employee records, business plans to sales reports would give your competitors an advantage if they had access to them.  Shredding all documents will prevent these important papers from being used by anyone to harm your firm.


If your company has spent time and money researching and developing a new product or service that work has to be protected. If a competitor was able to get your confidential ideas, future product or service plans they could beat you to the market. This could result a loss on your investment and affect your future financial growth.


Having a record retention policy in place and shredding any documents that have reached their retention period will reduce your need to use space to store records.  Holding onto files longer than necessary will require more office space or more offsite storage which all costs more money that you would not need to spend if you shredded documents as soon as you can.


Having papers stacked around the office is not secure.  Anyone coming into your office for any reason can take a piece of paper off of one of those stacks and depending on what information is on that document can use it to hurt your business or your client.  If you don’t need it shred it instead of stacking it and deciding what to do with it later.  A document destruction company will provide you with secure containers to safely store papers until they are shredded.


When a company has a document destruction program in place to shred confidential documents with their customers and clients information they protect the trust of their clients.  By shredding files they are making sure they are not violating that trust.


Employee information must be protected from outsiders but also must not become water cooler conversation.  If any of that information was to get out to staff think of all of the animosity that could be created within the ranks.  Keep all employee information under lock and key and shred any employee documents as soon as they are no longer needed.

These are just a few reasons you need a professional document shredding service like FileShred.  Give us a call to see how we can help you protect your paper records.


What is a Clean Desk Policy?

The concept of a “Clean Desk Policy” is a pretty simple and self-explanatory one. Essentially this policy is a documented protocol that sets the standards for how employees should handle documents and information in an organization. Sometimes called “clean screen” policies, they are used to help companies outline the proper steps each employee must take in order to ensure confidential information about the company and its customers isn’t accessible to anyone outside the company or without the proper permissions.

It typically includes the following:

  • How employees should leave their work-space at the end of the day
  • How computers, laptops, and other devices should be secured
  • What type of information should and should not be physically printed
  • Guidelines for the proper & secure storage of sensitive documents
  • How to properly dispose of documents containing confidential material
  • How to properly handle access cards, keys, etc.

Benefits of a Clean Desk Policy for Your Business

The biggest advantage of adopting a Clean Desk Policy is the increased security levels it provides for your business, employees and clients. Maintaining a clutter-free and organized office keeps your sensitive information safe and secure from outside threats, which could include theft.

With that said, there are additional benefits in choosing to roll out a Clean Desk Policy that is tailored to accommodate your business’ security needs. By doing so, you:

  • Protect your company, your clients, and your reputation
  • Promote better organization within your company
  • Reduce operating costs for things like printers, paper, ink, etc
  • Increase productivity levels and reduce stress for your employees
  • Make a better first impression for anyone who visits your office

How Do I Start a Clean Desk Policy?

Luckily getting started with this is much easier than you think! Feel free to use this downloadable Clean Desk Policy Template to get you on the right path towards secure, document management. This clean desk policy template is super simple to use and provides you with all the steps necessary in implementing your policy successfully.  Of course, this is just a template, so you are welcome to remove or add in additional procedures or policies as you see fits. This is supposed to serve as a jumping-off point, so it is highly recommended that you customize the template so that it’s exclusive to your organization.

FileShred Can Help You with Your Clean Desk Policy

With all that extra paper that used to sit on your employees’ desks, where is it being disposed of? Hopefully the files aren’t now taking up room in your recycling/trash bins, as this poses some serious red flags that should be avoided. Why? Even with an iron-clad Clean Desk Policy, all those regulations are useless if dumpster divers can still access and use that information, which is exactly what can happen if it’s thrown out without properly being destroyed. Your Clean Desk Policy should end with secure document shredding, plain and simple. Professional document shredding services ensure your documents are protected from the moment they are collected, through until they are thoroughly shred for your security.

If you’re concerned files are slipping out the door and want to make some serious security improvements, you should highly consider this policy.  Interested in learning more on how to introduce this to your team?  We will happily guide you along the way.

Get in touch with FileShred for assistance with implementing your Clean Desk Policy, or for more details regarding our secure shredding services.

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Items You Should Be Shredding

With the continuing rise in identity theft and corporate espionage businesses and individuals need to be aware of ways to keep themselves protected. There are many documents that are often forgotten about that can leave your business open to security breaches and individuals exposed to identity theft. Here are some documents you should be shredding, but probably aren’t:

what you should shred

Magazine Cover With A Labels

Those magazine labels have your name address and a barcode that can be read and may contain much more of your personal information than you realize.  Shred them all to play it safe.

Old Luggage Tags

How many time do you get ready for a trip and the old label is still on the luggage and you rip it off and just toss it in the trash.  Those tags have your name and a barcode that has all of your travel information on them that thieves can use.

Used Airline Tickets & Boarding Passes

Your boarding pass or airline ticket has your name, your travel plans, and a barcode that can reveal your frequent-flier number, that can be used to log in to airline accounts to view upcoming travel plans, check in to flights, and even cancel trips.

Junk Mail

Junk mail is not junk to identity thieves. Most people junk mail is just trash, but junk mail may have barcode on them that may contain your personally information. This includes pre-qualified credit card offers, insurance company offers and lending institutions.  Offers from organizations like AAA, AARP or other membership organizations that may have your personal information on the mailer.  You should shred all of your junk mail, including the return envelopes provided with it.

Child- and School-Related Mail

Identity thieves don’t discriminate and they aren’t known for their conscience, so they won’t care if they steal a Social Security Number belonging to a child. So any mail you receive concerning your children, their medical records, and school information should be shredded.  Don’t forget about any mail containing your authorization for school field trips, school applications, and report cards also need to be shredded.

Prescription Receipts

It’s not just the label on the pill bottle but the receipt stapled to the Rx bag you need to shred. These labels may list your name, the date of dispensing, the name and strength of the drug, and the  pharmacist’s name address and phone number. Thieves may use this info to refill prescriptions or steal your identity.


Photos of yourself, family member, employees, customers, and suppliers may seem harmless, but thieves can use these photos to make up an identity. Combine this with any other personal information they may have collected and you could be in trouble. Keep your personal, employees and customers safe by shredding these photos instead of tossing them into the trash.

Resumes & Employment Applications

When people apply looking for jobs a hard copy of their resume and other documents containing personal information is often left behind. This information would be all too easy for identity thieves to take advantage of. Keep these applications in a locked location and shred when no longer needed.

Shipping Labels

Shipping labels include confidential information such as your business’s address and account numbers. Mail room employees should always remove and shred these labels before boxes or packages are broken down and recycled.

Scratch Pad Notes

Hand written notes created everyday. These convenient pieces of paper that are easy to grab and write down information when on a call or making notes in a meeting. What is written on these notes are confidential information like account numbers, passwords, pricing and many other private information. But unfortunately these notes are no longer needed they are often just thrown into the trash. Keep yourself protected by always shredding these notes.

Add these items to all the other documents you want shredded and give FileShred a call to shred them.



Introduction: An Easy-to-Read Guide to Understanding NAID and FACTA Compliance

Shredding documents is an important part of making sure a business stays in compliance with regulations that are put in place to protect confidential consumer information. If a business is found to be in violation of these regulations they can be fined up to $500 and $500,000 per event well as being responsible for paying damages and restitutions to any of their customers whose information was compromised.

In this whitepaper, we will seek to inform the reader about the important pieces of legislation and the organizations that set document destruction guidelines and regulations for businesses in the United States. The two main focuses of this document will be on The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and The Fair and Accurate Transitions Act (FACTA) and the respective roles they both play in regards to the safe and ethical disposal of consumers’ private financial information.

What is FACTA?

FACTA was a piece of legislation that was passed in 1970 that amended the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and established regulations to help protect consumers from their data being taken and their identity being stolen. It established important tenements such as Red Flag Rules, the right to access an annual free credit report, and the proper disposal requirements of sensitive information.

What is the NAID?

The NAID is the international governing organization for companies like FileShred who provide document destruction services. Their job is to set standards for the ethical and responsible handling of consumer information while promoting the industry as a whole. They offer voluntary certifications for their members to show that their document destruction procedures are in line with the highest possible standards.

Becoming FACTA Compliant

There are several requirements for making sure a document destruction business is in full compliance with FACTA.

Red Flag Rules

The biggest change that came with the Fair and Accurate Transactions Act was the implementation of “Red Flag Rules.” These rules force financial institutions to develop an Identity Theft Prevention Program that is designed to help prevent and detect practices and patterns that could lead to identity theft. These programs should be able to identify and detect red flags as they happen, as well as being able to respond to any suspicious activity as quickly as possible. It is also required that organizations provide training to staff members about Red Flag Rules and the best practices associated with them. Institutions are required to regularly update their program as identity theft threats change and evolve.

Free Credit Reports

FACTA established that every consumer is entitled to one free credit report per year from one of the three national credit reporting companies.

Alerts & Monitoring

In order to let consumers have more control over their own information, FACTA allows the creation of systems that can be set up to distribute personal alerts in regards to a consumer’s credit history.

Proper Disposal

Last, but certainly not least, FACTA sets rules on how to properly dispose of classified consumer information. According to a press release from the FTC,

“The Rule requires disposal practices that are reasonable and appropriate to prevent the unauthorized access to – or use of – information in a consumer report. For example, reasonable measures for disposing of consumer report information could include establishing and complying with policies to: burn, pulverize, or shred papers containing consumer report information so that the information cannot be read or reconstructed; destroy or erase electronic files or media containing consumer report information so that the information cannot be read or reconstructed; or conduct due diligence and hire a document destruction contractor to dispose of material specifically identified as consumer report information consistent with the Rule. Due diligence could include: reviewing an independent audit of a disposal company’s operations and/or its compliance with the Rule; obtaining information about the disposal company from several references; requiring that the disposal company be certified by a recognized trade association; or reviewing and evaluating the disposal company’s information security policies or procedures.”

NAID AAA Certification

When conducting an audit, NAID’s AAA Certification inspectors closely monitor a number of different aspects of a data destruction company’s operations in regards to:

  • Employee Requirements
  • Operational Security
  • Endorsements & The Destruction Process
  • Company Assurances

If you’d like to view the extensive and lengthy requirements that must be met for each category, you may do so by viewing page 31 of this document that outlines the certification program in greater detail.

Ensuring Information Destruction is Fully FACTA Compliant

While the majority of FACTA only applies to financial institutions and creditors, the proper disposal of sensitive and confidential information is best left to a commercial document destruction service provider that can be sure to meet the standards outlined in the rules above.

NAID AAA Certification Provides Extra Protection for Your Business

By making sure that your document destruction is handled by an NAID AAA Certified vendor, you ensure the compliance of their services and gain further peace of mind with an official stamp of approval from a third-party expert.


The NAID and FACTA are both important to maintaining consumer privacy and security. While The NAID sets standards and offers certifications regarding the responsible disposal and destruction of client and consumer information, FACTA ensures that financial institutions take measures to protect a consumer’s identity and give them greater control over their own information. If you are a financial institution, it’s important that you are in compliance with FACTA regulations and make sure that the company that handles your document destruction is NAID AAA Certified. By doing so you protect yourself, your customers, and your bottom dollar and avoid expensive fines or penalties that come from the improper destruction of private information.

Thank You

For more information, visit:

Why You Should Shred Everything2

Why You Should Shred Everything

There are a number of reasons why you should shred every piece of paper.

1. More Than Half of All Documents Contain Private Information – The first reason is more than half of every document has a piece of information on them that federal and state privacy laws require they be shredded before they are disposed of so that information is no longer accessible. So it pays to play it safe and shred everything.

2. Many Different Types of Documents Contain Private Information – Some documents that you may not realize have enough of your information in them for identity thieves to use to steal someone’s identity like junk mail. Credit card offers or business loans companies all send out customized marketing materials that could be used by identity thieves so every paper document no matter what it is should be shredded.

3. Reviewing Every Documents Takes A lot of Time – You will save yourself a lot of time by shredding everything. The time it will take you to review every single page to determine if it should be shredded will be enormous and you or a member of your staff have better and more productive things to do with your time.

4. You Or Someone in Your Company Will Make a Mistake – Shredding everything will eliminate the possibility of making a mistake. You are going to make a mistake at some point because it is such a monotonous task to have to review every single page. It is not humanly possible for someone to maintain their focus on every page they review and not miss something. The costs of for making a mistake with the fines and penalties for violating a privacy law along with the loss of confidence in your company could be devastating. There is no question that the best course of action is to shred everything!

You have two options for the secure destruction of your confidential records;

One-time Shredding – A onetime service turns onsite document destruction into an on-demand service. What that means is you can have your papers destroyed only when you decide you want to get it done. This option is for companies and individuals that have an occasional need for shredding services.

Scheduled Document Destruction

This option is usually more geared for businesses because it is secure mobile shredding on a set schedule. Like clockwork our trained technicians show up at your office to remove your files and shred them in the truck waiting outside. Your schedule can be daily to monthly or any time-frame in between. To make the process easier we supply our ongoing customers with locked containers that they keep in their office so anytime they need to dispose of a document they have a secure place to discard them and keep them safe until they are destroyed.

FileShred is a local family owned document destruction company that serves the document destruction needs of residents and businesses in Connecticut and the Springfield are of Massachusetts.