Our Shredding Process

First, we will listen to what your document shredding needs are. We will explain our services and answer all of your questions. We then ask you the right questions to determine how much you have to shred, now we can give you a price. If you are comfortable with the information we provided and happy with the cost you can schedule your shredding service. No waiting, it all happens during the same telephone call.

FileShred provides piece of mind by performing shredding services on-site at your place of business or your home. Schedule an on-site document shredding service today with FileShred and witness the destruction of confidential information first hand, on-site at your location.

When we arrive at your home or office your documents will be placed in a shredding bin and then sealed. The bin is then moved to the shredding truck where it is lifted and your documents are emptied into the shredder and then shredded.

Document Shredding Options:

One-Time or Purge Document Shredding

For our customers that have a one-time or infrequent document shredding need such as when you are moving, annual file clean outs or you just need to get rid of old files our One-time Purge Services is for you.

Scheduled Document Shredding

For a regular and consistent document shredding need we provide our Scheduled Shredding service. At no cost we provide and place shredding receptacles throughout your offices. You pay only when we come to shred your documents at the scheduled time. Services can be a set schedule or serviced on-demand. FileShred will assist you in determining the size and number of collection receptacles required to best suit your office.

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