The Best Document Shredding Service

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In the Hartford CT area you have many choices when it comes to deciding on a document shredding service. So why choose FileShred over the other companies? The reason is FileShred is your best alternative when you need paper shredding services because our document destruct service is built around the individual shredding needs of each customer and we make shredding easy.

Easy because with just one telephone call we can explain our services, answer all your questions, give you a very fair quote and schedule your document shredding service. With FileShred there is no waiting for someone to get back to you or see when we can fit you into our schedule. Our helpful staff is always available to assist you and you can choose the best day for you to have your important documents shredded. FileShred offers next day shredding services Monday through Saturday so paper shredding has never been more convenient.
This may be you first time needing a shredding service or you are using a shredding company now and are not getting the shredding service that you need. Just give us a call and we will work with you to develop a shredding solution that works for you.

Have a One-time Shredding Need?

Moving? Accumulated a lot of documents you need to dispose of? Need to make room at home or in your office? For these reasons and many others, FileShred offers our One-time/ Purge shredding service. When you have that onetime or less frequent need to destroy your documents then our one-time document destruction service will work best for you. Document shredding only when and where you need it.

Need to Shred Document on a Regular Basis?

Many businesses, organizations and healthcare providers create and receive documents on a regular basis that contain private and personal information on them that need to be protected. If you are one of these companies our Schedule Shredding Service will work best for you. We provide secure shredding containers that can be used to deposit and store those sensitive documents in until they are shredded. Our shredding containers are provided free of charge and come in various sizes to accommodate any office environment. We will provide you with as many shredding containers as you need to make the use of them convenient for you and your staff. Scheduling your shredding service is also very accommodating with FileShred. You can have a set schedule such as weekly or monthly or you can choose our flexible schedule that allows you to just call us when your shredding containers are full and we will be there the next day to securely shred your documents right outside your front door. You only pay for shredding services when we come to shred your documents, there are no hidden fees. We just ask that you use us at least once per quarter.

When FileShred Arrives

service-innerSo what happens when our shredding trucks arrives? First you can relax, just let us do all the work. When our paper shredding truck arrives at your home or office our uniformed shredding technician will introduce himself and show you his picture identification badge because we want you to be comfortable with whom you are letting into your home or office. Our staff are also required to be background screened and drug tested. Under your direction our shredding tech will then empty your boxes, garbage bags, file cabinets or anything you have your documents in into our shredding bin. The bin holds about 300 pounds of paper, that’s about 10 small file boxes. The bin is then locked and rolled to the shredding truck where the paper shredding truck’s automated system will lift the bin and empty your document directly into the shredder. Your documents are completely shredded right then and there. You can also accompany the bin to the shredding truck and watch the entire process including the shredding of your documents with the camera system installed in our entire shredding fleet.

We hope that you will agree the FileShred is your best alternative when it is time to choose a document shredding company. FileShred’s document destruction services are available to both businesses and residents in the Hartford area. Give FileShred a call today and you could be shredding tomorrow.