Choose the Right Shredding Service for You

The right paper shredding service is the one that meets your individual needs. So how is that accomplished? First you should be able to pick up the phone and get all the information you need to choose the right shredding service for you. If you have any questions the shredding company should be happy to answer them. You should be able to get a fair quote that has no surprise charges. Finally you should be able to schedule your shredding service for the day that works best with your schedule. FileShred does all this and more. FileShred is the right document shredding service for businesses and residents of Andover CT.

Shred Your Documents Tomorrow

FileShred offers next day document shredding services in Andover CT Monday through Saturday. Next day shredding means tomorrow or any day that you choose is when your documents will be shredded.

On-Site Shredding

How convenient would it be to have a document shredding company come to you to shred your documents? FileShred is a mobile shredding company that has a fleet of document shredding trucks that will come to your Andover CT home or office to shred all of your documents. When we arrive at your Andover CT location your documents will be placed into one of our locking shredding bins. Each shredding bin holds 300 pounds of paper. Once loaded the bin is then taken to the paper shredding truck just outside your home or office. The shredding truck has an automated system that raises the bin into the truck and empties your documents directly into the industrial shredder and your documents are shredded. Each shredding truck is equipped with a camera system that allows you to see your documents being shredded in real time. Now that is convenient and secure.

One-Time Shredding

Do you have documents that have reached the required retention period? Are old documents just taking up needed space at home or in your office? Is it time for your annual file purge? Whatever the reason, when you need document shredding occasionally or just once then our one-time shredding service is for you.

Scheduled Document Shredding

Do you throw away documents on a daily basis? Then you need scheduled shredding services. We provide you with secure shredding containers to deposit documents in until they are shredded. We provide as many shredding containers as necessary taking into account the number of employees you have and the layout of your office. Then we work with you to determine what shredding schedule works for you. It is important to point out that a shredding program is more successful if it is convenient for your employees to deposit the documents and the shredding schedule is consistent.

Shredding is Required By Law

Federal and State Privacy Laws require that any document containing personal information must be shredded before it is disposed of or you could face substantial fines. Half of all documents have private information on them that are required by law to be shredded before they are disposed of. The safest policy is to shred all of your documents before they are thrown away.

Start shredding by calling FileShred today!