Who Uses Shredding?

hartford-ct-shredding-companyNearly every business and individual in Hartford CT can use shred services to their benefit. As the capital of Connecticut—dubbed the insurance capital of the world—with over 125,000 people within its 18 square miles, many insurance companies use document destruction services to destroy records that are no longer used. Businesses and individuals here rely on FileShred, the best shredding company in town. The bottom line is that shredding needs are universal here, from individuals to schools, to healthcare and insurance companies—all calling us to dispose of sensitive information in a responsible way.

Legal Reasons for Document Destruction

State and Federal laws suggest that documents with personal or private information should be shredded. Doing this protects private and personal information. Both residents and businesses in Hartford need document destruction services to stopidentity theft and to comply with state & federal laws for disposal. All document shredding occurs on-site, at your location (residence, business, wherever). If you have sensitive papers sitting around, don’t let it be a risk, shred it securely with FileShred!

Document Shredding | For Residential & Commercial

hartford-ct-shredding-servicesDo you have an office or house full of documents that contain sensitive information? Every minute it sits there creates more risk for you and/or your business. Some people don’t want to remove the confidential papers so FileShred is set up to visit your location with mobile shredding in order to dispose of documents. We shred everything from financials, medical records, and bank & credit cards statements. Destroying confidential papers helps ensure this information doesn’t get into criminal hands.

Shred to Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft in Hartford is serious issue and taking the time to shred your confidential information is one way to help prevent. Businesses and individuals that want to protect themselves from identity theft have many options, but securely destroying documents that might expose them is a good first step. There are literally millions of documents sitting within businesses and homes that could have private information and get into the wrong hands. Our industrial paper shredding trucks shred in minutes what would take you a very long time to do. Often store-bought shredding machines don’t do the job well so it pays off in the long run to use commercial grade equipment.

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