Why Shred My Papers?

While it might not seem obvious at first, the truth is that everyone, including residents and businesses, should be shredding their sensitive paper records. At FileShred, we help local homeowners, businesses, and municipal offices avoid the dangers of identity theft. We also assist businesses of all kinds in our area with maintaining compliance with all applicable laws governing the destruction of sensitive documents. No matter who you are or how many documents you need shredded, you’ll benefit from FileShred’s speed, security, capability, and value.

Legal Reasons

There are a range of state and federal laws that require businesses and institutions who create certain types of hard-copy paper records to destroy them securely. This means that any company handling legal, medical, financial, or insurance documents must shred them regularly to keep their customers’ information safe. At FileShred, we routinely help all kinds of businesses maintain compliance with all applicable regulations, so we know exactly how to handle and shred any kind of important files.

Homeowners, Businesses, & Institutions

While everyone in the Simsbury, CT area stands to benefit from FileShred’s paper shredding services, not everyone has the same needs. For example, a local homeowner might only have a small box of old receipts to shred. On the other hand, our area’s largest employers, such as The Hartford, Simsbury Public Schools, Chubb, and others, create many tons of paper records that need to be destroyed regularly. Whether you’re an individual, corporation, nonprofit, or government agency, you share one thing in common: a trusted partner in FileShred. Our powerful mobile shredding trucks can handle anything up to 6,000 pounds of documents per hour.

Lower Risks of Identity Theft

Identity theft is a major problem facing our society at all levels. But, while most people are aware of identity theft and the huge risks it poses, many have no idea what they can be doing to keep themselves safe. At FileShred, we offer Simsbury-area residents and businesses a sure-fire way to improve their protection from identity theft: secure file shredding. Simply throwing away your sensitive files and records could allow anyone to dig them out of your trash and exploit them to steal from you. Instead, call on the experts at FileShred, and we’ll destroy them completely for your peace of mind.

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