Do I Really Need to Shred?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a resident or you own your own business here in Rocky Hill, you will notice the benefits of our secure and reliable file destruction services. Often, our clients are simply cleaning out old closets or storage areas at their homes or offices, seeking to gain additional space while properly destroying their outdated records. We also help our clients maintain compliance with various data security regulations. Plus, with all of the dangers of identity theft these days, secure file destruction has never been a greater value.

Secure Shredding: It’s the Law

Many local businesses, nonprofits, and institutions are subject to state and federal legislation requiring them to destroy certain sensitive files regularly. For these types of clients, failure to comply with the applicable laws could lead to stiff penalties, so FileShred is the obvious partner. We are highly experienced in helping our clients maintain their compliance with these regulations to protect them from costly fines and their customers’ personal data from being compromised.

Residential & Commercial File Destruction

At FileShred, there’s no type of client we can’t serve and no level of file destruction need we won’t take on. We regularly visit our clients’ homes for secure on-site shredding of just a few dozen files. Plus, because our shredding trucks can handle up to 6,000 pounds of paper per hour, we’re a preferred file destruction service of many larger companies with tons of files to be shredded. Whether you’re cleaning out your closet or seeking to clear an entire warehouse, rely on FileShred for experience, responsiveness, and service.

Protecting Against Identity Theft

Nowadays, just about everyone has heard of identity theft and knows about the dangers, but very few have a full understanding of how to keep their information safe. That’s where FileShred comes in. We’re very experienced in secure file destruction, helping ensure your old files don’t fall into the wrong hands. If you’re just throwing your files in the trash, you could become a victim, lose your money, and have your credit ruined. Have FileShred destroy your documents securely and enjoy peace of mind.

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