Who Should Shred?

682The simple answer? Everyone! Whether you’re a resident or a business owner in Windsor, there are many reasons why you should rely on FileShred for experienced document shredding services. We help clients maintain legal compliance by properly handling and destroying sensitive paper records. We also help local individuals and companies avoid the dangers of identity theft, an ever-increasing problem. Plus, who couldn’t use a little more storage space? We can help you clean out those closets or quickly destroy a large warehouse full of documents, depending on your needs.

Legal Purposes

Here in Windsor, we have a high concentration of large investment firms and insurance companies, including The Hartford, ING, Cigna, and others. Companies like this are subject to a variety of state and federal laws stating they must regularly shred their paper records properly to protect customers’ information. Failure to comply will result in stiff penalties, so it’s important to rely on a trusted document shredding expert. FileShred serves many large companies in the region with one-time or regular shredding, prompt service, and the security of on-site document destruction.

Residential & Commercial Clients

FileShred is pleased to serve Windsor-area residents with fast on-site document shredding services. Often, local homeowners will call us when they’re cleaning out their closets, attic, or garage to free up some extra storage space. Even if you just have a handful of documents to destroy, don’t hesitate to rely on us! Our expertise also enables us to serve businesses of any size or type with singular or recurring document shredding services. No matter who you are, we’ll give you peace of mind and even let you watch your files being destroyed!

674Avoiding Identity Theft

Homeowners and businesses in the Windsor, CT area have never been more vulnerable to the risks of identity theft. These days, all it takes is one person going through your trash to find a single piece of sensitive information. Identity thieves only need one paper document to take your money, hold your assets hostage, or even destroy your credit. Our clients love the peace of mind we offer! Don’t rely on a cheap shredder to destroy your records. Those won’t always do the job! Just call FileShred, and we’ll handle all of your document shredding needs with up to 6,000 pounds per hour of capacity.

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